Precision Demolition prides itself with the ability to deliver complex projects on time in the most proficient time possible, by employing an efficient and conscientious management team and workforce we are able to achieve our vision

Precision Demolition’s vision for delivering projects is to be the best and most proficient in all areas of our chosen field through Performance, Quality and Respect.


Is the tenacious pursuit of Best Practice through teamwork and continuous improvement in all aspects of our activities:

• Serving our clients
• Safety and Health
• Environment
• People Development
• Productivity
• Profit Enhancement leading to sustainable prosperity and growth.


Is the achievement of high standards and a commitment to doing everything right the first time. Quality is an attitude, not a system. Quality yields cost effective and excellent outcomes, which reflect our commitment to meeting each of our client’s requirements.


Is showing consideration and regard for each other, our clients, suppliers, communities and the environment.

Respect for each other entails a commitment to fair and honest dealings by listening and providing feedback so that we all know where we stand. We encourage personnel development and growth and the acceptance of responsibility and accountability.

We will strive to operate in harmony with our communities. We recognise the changing aspirations of society with regard to the environment. We will strive for cost effective and continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

Precision Demolition in the past have undertaken projects such as the implosion demolition of Tallawarra Power Station which involved the planning and preparation of documentation and approvals by all relevant authorities over a period of three months.

After which Precision Demolition implemented the management team and the required workforce to ensure that the power station was prepared and brought down in a safe and systematic process which involved the felling of heavy steel structures up to 16 storeys in height, weighing a combined mass of over 40000 tons of steel and concrete. During this project it was necessary to cut steel flanges up to 100 mm in thickness with linear cutting charges. This project was delivered on time and on budget with no lost time injuries recorded.