Precision Demolition is a privately owned and operated Sydney based demolition, asbestos removal and specialist blasting contracting company established in 1997 by its director, Sean Miller. Since that time Precision Demolition has grown to be the leader in explosive demolition of a large variety of structures throughout Australia, specialising in the demolition of large scale industrial projects such as mining and power plant infrastructure with exceptional results in maintaining safety, on time completion and maintaining agreed and contracted budgets.

With a willingness to explore all opportunities and an enthusiastic and open minded management team Precision Demolition has been able to bring projects to completion from the initial planning stages through the complex range of issues raised by authorities, neighbouring businesses and residents, well as sensitive client requirements.

Precision Demolition prides itself in making the most difficult of projects run smoothly from inception to completion, works closely with all relevant authorities to ensure projects are delivered safely and with the least impact upon all concerned parties.

Precision Demolition has significant experience in the preparation of structures for explosive demolition, including the pre-stripping of non structural elements, removal of materials that may be considered a danger when blasting, specialised engineering and placement of specialised linear cutting charges for the felling of large scale steel constructions.

Precision Demolition has significant experience in the demolition of large scale industrial installations and structures, including the ability where necessary to dismantle portions or whole plants for reuse and relocation to other sites. We are able to design and implement the demolition of structures using our safe and systematic engineered collapse procedures.

Precision Demolition has successfully completed extremely complex demolitions with the use of explosives within working power plants, mines and built up residential and commercial areas. Given this experience we are well equipped to produce blast plans and the necessary exclusion zones that ensure these types of projects are delivered without incidence.

Precision Demolition has planned and executed the largest demolition blasting projects carried out in Australia, these include the tallest structures being the 196 metre Port Kembla, NSW copper stack, weighing in at 7000 tons, three 183 metre high steel transmission towers located in Belconnen, ACT and three 125 metre high reinforced concrete chimney stacks each weighing 3000 tons located in Ipswitch, QLD.