Precision Demolition has been successfully operating throughout Australia for the past 17 years, has undertaken some of the country’s largest and most complex demolitions in that time, completing them on time, safely and within budget and or contractual parameters .

Over this period of time the company has grown gradually in terms of the projects undertaken and its profitability gained from the completion of these projects, we believe our strength lies in the people behind the company from a genuine and reliable management team to a workforce which have developed an enviable range of skill sets throughout the company’s growth.

We believe in order to remain a viable and profitable corporation today it is necessary to be able to manage the ever growing changes involved with environmental issues that are now the greatest issue facing the successful completion of projects today, it is also necessary to listen carefully to all involved parties on any particular project ensuring the most insignificant idea, view or activity is given the utmost consideration.

For the company to remain viable the management and workforce teams need to be able to communicate with each other effectively to ensure all issues and concerns that are raised or identified are dealt with and acted upon in a timely fashion, it is also necessary for our people to continually update their skills and ideas through continual discussion and training activities.

As the company has grown there has been a continual process of upgrading of resources and equipment ensuring that we can maintain a competitive and profitable service to our varying client requirements, we are continually taking on board and acting upon management systems, ideas and processes that are provided by consultants in specific areas that are able to complement and improve our business.

With our continual growth and commitment to service, our proven ability to understand and work with authorities to bring the most complex projects to fruition when others have considered them to be unachievable, will allow us to continually move forward and grow in the future.

With the continuing support of our accountants, financial advisors and financiers we will be able to maintain our growth, supply the necessary capital to complete projects in accordance with our contractual obligations and requirements.

Over the years of operation Precision Demolition has developed an enviable working relationship with various subcontracting companies to help deliver projects in a safe, timely and profitable manner ensuing a beneficial and mutual relationship is maintained, the subcontractors that we employ also adhere to our vision of service and compliance.

Precision Demolition only uses those subcontractors and consultants that are known and respected within their area of expertise in a particular industry or activity.

Precision Demolition has in stock a large quantity of specialised linear cutting charges and specialised plant and equipment that are used in the demolition of large scale industrial installations and structures, which ensures that various projects can be delivered on time, given that the time for importation of this type of explosive charge can take many months to organise as few vessels are licensed to deliver to our ports.